Children's Dentistry

At Midtown Modern Dentistry, we recognize the value and importance of giving kids the best start possible when it comes to their dental care. Learning healthy habits now, in these earlier years, will set the stage for the rest of their lives.

Dental fear can develop early, and we want to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem. As a patient at Midtown Modern Dental, your child will be treated with respect and gentleness to create a positive attitude about dental care.

We begin seeing children about age four. This is a great time to get started because all the baby teeth will have erupted, your child is at an age where he or she is starting to feel more independent, and your child is able to follow directions and sit still for a period of time.

Your Child’s First Appointment

The first dental appointment is a major milestone in your child’s life, and we want to make it special!

  • We will warmly welcome your child and invite him or her to hang out in our kid zone until it’s time for the appointment to start.
  • Each member of our team will greet your child and explain their role.
  • We’ll show your child some of the instruments we use and explain how they help us keep teeth healthy.
  • Your child will get to go for a ride in the dentist chair!

Depending on your child’s level of cooperation, we will count his or her teeth and we may even do a cleaning. If a little extra time is needed to adjust, that’s okay. We can wait until your child is more comfortable and ready.

The Value of Early Dentistry

At your child’s appointment, you will meet with Dr. Sonbol so that you can ask him your questions and he can provide advice that will help your child get off to a great start. Some parents wonder why seeing a dentist so early is important. After all, aren’t these teeth going to just fall out anyway?

The truth is that baby teeth are incredibly important to your child’s overall dental development. They save a place for the developing permanent teeth, eventually guiding the permanent teeth into their proper position. They also help your child eat solid foods, learn to speak properly, and (of course) give your child a beautiful smile!

If baby teeth become decayed or damaged, the health of the entire mouth can be impacted. Painful teeth may make your child avoid certain foods and can even affect speech development. If a baby tooth is lost too early, it can cause the other teeth to drift, which could block the permanent tooth or cause it to come in at an angle, setting the stage for future alignment problems that must be corrected with orthodontics.

Early dental care also allows us to track your child’s development and make sure that everything is coming in the way it should. If we do spot a problem, we’ll be able to correct it at the best possible time, saving you time and money and saving your child discomfort.

Call to Schedule Your Child’s First Appointment

We love providing care to families in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and we can’t wait to meet your child! Call today to get an appointment that works well for you!