Implant Placement & Restoration

Missing teeth are a nuisance.

They make it harder to eat the foods you love, they can affect the way you speak, and they may even affect the way that people treat you.

As if these problems weren’t enough, missing teeth also pave the way for even more dental problems, including gum disease, bone depletion, tooth shifting, and bite misalignment. To make matter worse, once you lose one tooth, it’s more likely that you’ll lose more teeth. 

The bottom line is that a missing tooth negatively impacts both the way you feel and the way you look.

If you’re missing a tooth, you’ll be happy to know that Midtown Modern Dentistry in Altamonte Springs has several options available to help restore your smile, including the new standard – dental implants.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is essentially a replacement tooth. The key difference is that unlike other tooth replacement options, like bridges and dentures that sit above the gumline, the implant uses a metal post to simulate the root of the tooth. Once the post becomes integrated with the dental bone, your body won’t know the difference.

So why does this matter?

When you lose a tooth, the relationship between your tooth’s root and your dental bone comes to a grinding halt. The bone is no longer stimulated to restore itself and it begins to resorb and become diminished. Your other teeth shift and tip toward the space where your tooth used to be, and as the bone continues to shrink, you’re likely to lose more teeth, causing the problem to spread.

Because the post functions like your own natural root, this important relationship is restored, preserving your dental bone and your oral health.

To complete the implant, the post is topped with a custom-made restoration, created to look lifelike and blend in beautifully with your features and your other teeth. Your restoration may take the form of a single crown, which is an excellent choice for replacing single teeth. If you are missing several teeth, we can also discuss implant-retained bridges and dentures. Denture wearers in particular have benefitted greatly from implant technology since we can use strategically placed implants to provide a secure "snap in place" fit for dentures, virtually eliminating the risk of embarrassing slips.

Your Dental Implant Consultation

At Midtown Modern Dentistry, we make getting dental implants easier and more convenient for you. We can perform the entire process, from implant to restoration, right here at our Altamonte Springs dental office so you can stick with the dentist you know and trust.

We know that getting dental implants is a big decision, and that’s why we begin with a consultation so that you can meet with Dr. Sonbol and discuss your needs and your goals. 

There’s a reason why dental implants are becoming the gold standard for tooth replacement, and we’d like to talk to you about how they can help you restore your smile and maintain your dental health. There’s an unfortunate and unfair stigma that exists toward people who are missing teeth, and we don’t think you should have to deal with that any more.

Call today to schedule your no-commitment consultation.